Why should I buy on Daily Buy Box?

We are offering top ranking/best selling Amazon products from the top sellers in the world for a fraction of the price.

Why doesn't the seller continue selling it on Amazon for more money?

Amazon has very rigid laws about selling on the platform. They will ban a top-selling product for multiple reasons, for example, if a seller left feedback "This item is the Bomb!" - Amazon's algorithm will pick up the word "Bomb" and remove the item. Now the seller has a thousand units of a popular item that he must find a way to sell quickly.

Enter Daily buy box

We offer Amazon sellers a platform to sell these products with an explanation of why it was not allowed to be sold on Amazon. This way, Sellers with other distribution options can buy your inventory.

All items and sellers are vetted by Ed Rosenberg, founder of the ASGTG and all items will include the reason it was delisted from Amazon.